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Flowers Delivered Free

flowers delivered free

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August 24, 2007 was an exceptionally beautiful day. These beautiful flowers were being pollinating by a lovely orange wasp at Boyd Hill Nature Park.

I have 106,519 photographs in my screen saver spanning twenty years of time (though 99% of the photographs were taken during the digital age beginning circa 1999).

It is a very incomplete set. To fully capture the beauty of the living Earth would require more memory than that contained on all this world's computers.

The computer and even the Internet cannot contain Nature's beauty. This is a profound evidence of humankind's limitations compared to Nature's near infinite creativity.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are all unique. The Earth has been the most beautiful planet in the Universe for four billion years and it will stay beautiful for a billion years after humankind is extinct and forgotten forever.

July 2010 was a beautiful month ... but how could it be otherwise? I wake up every morning with the certain knowledge that Nature has delivered 100,000 beautiful things to my eyes outside.

If I lived forever on the Earth I would still never run out of beauty to appreciate in the sky above and the Earth below.

Humans really ought to love this planet and handle it like any other unique irreplaceable thing.

The Earth is too beautiful to leave in humankind's hands. To humankind I say: The Earth is taken from you and returned back to Nature's management.

If this outcome is unacceptable to humankind, that's perfectly fine ... humankind will go extinct and the species will stop moaning, complaining, destroying, warmongering and polluting.

Imagine how humankind would have behaved if the species was actually intelligent and possessed free will ... oh, the tragedy of it all!

Christmas Snow Flower

Christmas Snow Flower

Behold one of the greatest birthday presents ever -- a subscription to Fat Quarter Shop's Free Spirit Fat Quarter Club! Every month a new bundle of fabulous fat quarters will be delivered directly to the fabric stash! EEEEEE!!!

This is Christmas Snow Flower. I adore the red fabrics with white flowers.

-- Pookie

flowers delivered free

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