Iced flower : Gum paste flowers recipe

Iced Flower

iced flower

  • Be in or reach an optimum stage of development; develop fully and richly

  • a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms

  • Induce (a plant) to produce flowers

  • (of a plant) Produce flowers; bloom

  • bloom: produce or yield flowers; "The cherry tree bloomed"

  • reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts

  • (of a surface or object) Covered or coated with ice

  • (of a cake or cookie) Decorated with icing

  • (of a drink or other liquid) Cooled in or mixed with pieces of ice

  • (icing) (ice hockey) the act of shooting the puck from within your own defensive area the length of the rink beyond the opponent's goal

  • (icing) frost: the formation of frost or ice on a surface

  • (icing) frosting: a flavored sugar topping used to coat and decorate cakes

iced flower - Baby Keepsake:

Baby Keepsake: Purple Tall Flower Design Personalized Iced Cappuccino Favors (Set of 24)

Baby Keepsake: Purple Tall Flower Design Personalized Iced Cappuccino Favors (Set of 24)

This frothy, iced cappuccino drink is sure to be a rich and refreshing guest pleaser. The single serving pouches are sealed in elegant silver pouches which can be personalized with your names and event date along with your choice of one of our premium designs from our extensive design library. You are sure to find a design that perfectly complements your event theme and style. Package Contents: single serving 1 oz package of cappuccino powder Package Size: 4 wide x 6.5 tall Instructions: Just add milk or water and pour over ice. Note: Tag or Sticker does not come attached to item. ... This unique & elegant item is part of our exclusive Wedding Favor and Bridal - Baby Shower collection. They make for a great and unique gift for your wedding reception, bridal shower, bay shower or any other special event.

83% (15)

Ice Flowers

Ice Flowers

Naturally formed ice that occurs in Tennessee at below freezing temperatures,i call them ice flowers!The formation of frost flowers, also known as "ice flowers," is apparently dependent on a freezing weather condition occurring when the ground is not already frozen. The sap in the stem of the plants will expand (water expands when frozen), causing long, thin cracks to form along the length of the stem. Water is then drawn through these cracks via capillary action and freezes upon contact with the air. As more water is drawn through the cracks it pushes the thin ice layers further from the stem, causing a thin "petal" to form. In the case of woody plants and (living or dead) tree branches the freezing water is squeezed through the pores of the plant forming long thin strings of ice that look uncannily like hair i.e. "frost beard".

The petals of frost flowers are very delicate and will break when touched. They usually melt or sublimate when exposed to sunlight and are usually visible in the early morning or in shaded areas.

Wilton Course 2 - Basketweave, Royal Icing Flowers and Color Flow

Wilton Course 2 - Basketweave, Royal Icing Flowers and Color Flow

I just finished my final class for Wilton Course 2. We learned more borders and flowers (the Royal Icing kind… flowers are hard J) and how to use Color Flow (the birds on the cake). So now I’ve taken all 3 Courses!! Hurray!! I recommend it to anyone who is interested in doing this!! It’s fun too!! J

Here are some pics!!!

We learned the basketweave technique this evening and rope border, I thought it would be hard, but it’s not. It just takes long. But it turned out nice, if I do say so myself!!

iced flower

iced flower

Iced (Regan Reilly Mysteries, No. 3)

It's Christmas in Aspen and P.I. Regan Reilly is vacationing with her parents and hoping to meet an unmarried man. Soon, however, all thoughts of romance turn to sleuthing when million-dollar paintings start disappearing, along with an old friend of Regan's--who happens to be an ex-con. The snow is falling, the plot is thickening, and the danger is closing in on Regan.

After assorted hijinks, adventures, false alarms, and--yes--plain old silliness, the plot finally gets all tied up in a nice, neat, mostly happy ending that will no doubt charm even the most Scrooge-like reader. Solidly entertaining, mostly clever, occasionally funny, and always fun, this one is sure to please the author's growing audience.


"A fun and funny read." --- USA Today

"The quintessential beachbook...Clark writes with a breezy style that will quickly refresh readers." --- Publishers Weekly

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