Hanging Flower Pouches : Flowers On Mother's Day.

Hanging Flower Pouches

hanging flower pouches

  • Suspended in the air

  • suspension: the act of suspending something (hanging it from above so it moves freely); "there was a small ceremony for the hanging of the portrait"

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hanging flower pouches - The Original

The Original Al's Flower Pouch - 10 Slots

The Original Al's Flower Pouch - 10 Slots

Watch your profits increase with Als Flower Pouches. These are the original, time tested pouches that ensure the success you expect. The slits are precut to save time, are spaced to maximize coverage, and are on one side of the bag for easy shipping. The patented handle is fused to increase strength to over 11 mil so it will not stretch or become brittle. Available in three sizes including the original 10 slit (8" x 20") that allows for great coverage, the 5 slit (8" x 20") that is designed for larger or premium plugs, and the Mini-pouch that has 6 slots (8 1/4" x 12 1/2"), designed for growing vegetables, herbs, and for growers using 15" shipping carts. Priced each, minimum order of 10 pouches.

89% (9)

Hang me on your wall

Hang me on your wall

I look good matted! hehe

just some randoms around the house...

no wait, scratch that...
So I was skydiving and my chute failed to open. I had to use the weazer by my side. With no control over the backup shute, I landed off my target zone 17 clicks away in the bush. It was nothing but swamp. Now I must get myself out of here. As I wade through the snake, spider, gator, those ravenous sea monkeys and getting eaten by mosquitoes, I spot this little grassy knoll where the sun shone down like a spotlight directly on this group of flowers. I had to fight off a gator, but that was my interim destination for a photo op. Once I tagged myself a future pair of boots, I pull my 7D out of my super-nasa-waterproof backpack and connect it to the tripod that I pulled out of the leg side-mount tripod pouch. I start snapping away. About 10 minutes later I hear the sound of an airboat. I packed up my gear and made my way through the swamp to the airboat and hitched a ride out.

Manual focus at midfield with spot metering. 250mm f/5.6



This lucious clutch has a lovely hip design just great for any party, special event, or just hanging out. The colors of the flowers along with the poetry written on the fabric makes this clutch priceless. I have lined the inside of the bag with deep orange dupioni silk for that extra touch of luxury.

* 100% cotton heavy outer fabric
* Heavyweight interlining layers(batting)
* 100% Dupioni silk lining in deep orange
* Top frame width is 8", bottom is 9" & height is 6"
* Antique Brass frame
* Padding inside the bag will help keep the shape.
* All stress points and corners are reinforced for extra strength and durability.
* Pattern placement may vary.

This clutch is a great size for money, credit cards, keys, cell phones, lipgloss and a few other small items.

All of the my clutches are handmade by me (sherry) in my home studio.

Each clutch comes carefully wrapped in three different colors of tissue paper when it is shipped ready for gift giving.


hanging flower pouches

hanging flower pouches

Five-Pocket Non-woven Hanging Bag / Green flower color

A very good three-dimensional hang the bag wardrobe, as a thick non-woven bags, all within the top and bottom of the cardboard liner, at the top with Velcro on both sides of the stick can be hung on the clothes pole. Hanging in the closet or room may be within the balcony. In the full use of space, it is also has a certain decorative effect. Can be categorized as everyone placed the family clothing, socks, towels, scarves, underwear, gloves, slippers, and obviates the need for you to find small clothing while rummaging through the trouble.

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